Pantheon was a dream created by Ben Wadham.

Serving 9 years in the Royal Marines, 4 of which were spent as a PTI, health and fitness have always been a massive part of his life.

Since leaving the Corps, Ben has been working in gyms as a Head Coach and Manager, as well as further developing his fitness qualifications and pursuing hobbies which extend to CrossFit and rugby.

This experience, alongside his military background, result in a wealth of fitness knowledge, so starting this business was the perfect way for Ben to share his passion and skills to help others achieve their health objectives, wherever they are on their fitness journey. Exercise can be adapted to suit all abilities and there are proven mental health benefits to staying active and feeling part of the community.

Pantheon aims to enable everyone to be happy, healthy and fit, by doing something they can enjoy. With Ben’s unfaltering enthusiasm and motivation, you will achieve all of your fitness goals in a positive, supportive and friendly environment.

Our Ethos



Pantheon strives to provide all that you need to make your fitness journey everything that you need it to be and more.


Pantheon encourages all members to support each other, enabling a tight-knit community to thrive.


The Pantheon ethos alongside the unfaltering coaching from our staff, we ensure you succeed with any and all fitness goals.

Looking For a Community?

We pride ourselves on community feel we have at the gym, everyone knows each other and cafe provides opportunity to have a coffee, some food and chat after training, variety of fully coached classes so there’s something for everyone

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